• WINNER of the Summer Slim Down Challenge

    We want to send out a big Congrats to Keli Park who has just won the Summer Slim Down Challenge.

    Read Keli’s story.

    Keli Park
    Waist: 27.5 to 26.5
    Hips: 38.5 to 36.5
    Thighs: 21.5 to 19
    Arms: 11.3 to 9.5
    Weight: 143 lbs to 133 lbs
    My story:
    Growing up I was always surrounded by an environment of being healthy by eating right and working out. But not until I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, did I realize how important those aspects of life that most of us take for granted were so crucial.

    For years I struggled to get out of bed,bathe myself, get dressed or even walk without passing out. At this time I was in a 5 year battle with this disease and it was killing me slowly but surely. I was a frequent patient at the hospital and they knew me by name with all the countless ER visits and hospitals stays. I even had to have 8 blood transfusions and would and continue to have to be on “chemo” like infusions for life.
    During this time I had no life, was put on horrible drugs/meds including steroids which the side effects alone were awful. I became bitter, angry, depressed and felt sorry for myself. Long story short, I didn’t care if I lived or died. It was then, during a hospital stay that as I laid there one night that I prayed and asked for what I needed to do to deal with this obstacle.
    I was given the answer that I had and I have always had control of my happiness and whatever I could put my mind to, my body would follow. Soon after this is when my body began to heal because I had changed my way of thinking. I changed that negative to a positive. I decided that I would get back to the way I felt before this diagnosis.
    Living with this disease caused me to  lose a ton of weight and also gain a ton of weight due to the steroids. I have stretch marks and I am far from looking perfect but they are to remind me of my battle. However, I wanted and needed to feel healthy and look somewhat in shape again. So how did all this get me to joining Body Movement Challenge?
    I was looking for an outlet where I could be motivated and have no judgment during this journey I decided to take. That’s when I saw a couple of postings on Facebook from an amazing photographer Sarah Lyons (Picturegroove.com) and talented makeup artist Amanda Barboa of them with a group of women in Costa Rica and they were there with at then, The Bikini Model Challenge and I said, “That’s the one!”
    So with all this being said I joined, met wonderful women, had amazing support, went to Cancun for the retreat and had my 1st photoshoot after 2 years and was more motivated then I have ever been in my life. All Thanks to Claire Rae and her program.
    Fast forward and here I am again on the Body Makeover Movement wagon and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am forever grateful for this program and for Claire Rae being such an amazing example and support to her clients. I now consider her a friend and feel blessed I’ve had this opportunity to represent her journey of helping others. I too hope I can inspire others through mine.
    -Keli Park
    We all got to know Keli at the BMC celebration retreat in Cancun. She has been able to maintain the lifestyle and motivate us all to keep going even when dealing with obstacles.
    Photo Credit: Picture Groove
    We look forward to seeing more from Keli as she continues to motivate us and inspire us to live a healthy balanced life.

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