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    Welcome to The Body Makeover Movement’s
    Fit Soul Challenge

    I want to give you a BIG BMM FIT FAM welcome. The Fit Soul Challenge is the third and final challenge of 2017. Many of you have been with BMM since 2014 when it all began. You have made great progress and are well on your way in your fitness journey. It’s been exciting to watch so much dedication and success. It has been a journey for both of us. As many of you know, each challenge throughout the year is unique but with stable principles focusing on natural food, muscle enhancing workouts and living a balanced life.

    If you are just joining us, I want you to know how very excited we are to have you on board. The Body Makeover Movement is more than just another diet and workout plan, it’s a family. We are all part of this and each of you is part of a bigger picture. No matter where you are in your journey, or where you live, you will have the opportunity to inspire others, by sharing your story as you stay dedicated to living a healthy balanced life. The Fit Soul Challenge is going to be about digging deeper and reaching out to others as we together, create healthy communities.

    Over the next three months we will be covering topics of all kinds but our focus will be to get ourselves to a place of balance, self love and love for others. It will all start with a thankful heart and a healthy positive mindset.

    Getting involved and following your program is easy!

    Step 1- Download the Fit Soul Ebook, The Diet Makeover Cookbook, and your workout program. 
    Step 2- Make sure you are a member of the secret Facebook group. Email me at claire@clairerae.com if you are unsure.
    Step 3Make sure to have a journal ready to track your food, workouts, and thoughts and feelings.
    Step 4- Send in your before picture with your weight and measurements. This is only for you to make sure you stay accountable to your program and will not be used for the vote in the end. Email to lexifitnessandmedia@live.ca

    Step 5- Follow on Instagram and Facebook IG@bodymakeovermovement. We want to get to know you and cheer you on. Please follow the member monthly challenges as they roll out and participate by hash tagging all your fitness journey and life posts. Use these #BMM_FitFam for all posts, #BMM_progress every Friday as we share our body transformations and the given monthly challenge hashtag as it is given.

    What you will receive in the next three months to motivate, encourage, and educate you will be:

    • Weekly emails with instructions for your journaling and answers to questions as well as your workouts.


    • The BMM Forum is always open and ready to answer any questions


    • Use the secret Facebook page to encourage one another and get to know each other. It’s a great way to connect.

    Download these apps for more motivation, instruction and inspiration during your journey.
    Listen to interviews and more on my Podcast / Claire Rae Fit App- iTunes   Android


    The Final Vote and Winner will be determined as follows:

    At the end of the challenge we will be hosting various shoot outs for your best body professional pictures. You will choose a BMM Team photographer or one of your own to submit your pictures. When you do so you will include your own story in hopes to inspire others to live healthy balanced lives. You will also choose a charity to promote. There will be a vote at the end of December where you will be asking people that vote to donate to your chosen charity. Whoever raises the most money will be crowned most inspirational of 2017 and will win the $2000 personalized gift pack.
    Remember, you want to represent your best self and show people along the way what you are doing and why. You are officially an ambassador to the healthy lifestyle and what you do and share in the next 3 months will have an impact on your success. Remember, people are watching you so be a great role model and show us your best self every step of the way.

    More information and instruction on the final photo submission and photoshoot events will be announced next month in your newsletter, so keep watch and keep track of things as we get going.

    Go to your downloads to download your program.

    • The Diet Makeover Cookbook
    • Fit Soul workout program phase 1
    • Fit Soul Ebook
    • My Fit Soul Ebook

    Watch for weekly newsletters that will keep you on track.

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