Starting April 1st you will be able to vote every 24 hours until April 10th to help us decide who will be the winners of The Body Makeover Movement’s 90 Happy Healthy days Challenge.


This Challenge began in January and the members were given the Body Makeover Movement’s Diet Guide to natural living. They were also given the BMM workout program and encouraged to take part in the BMM community forum where they were able to get their questions answered. Video’s and recipes were also given to them to help them find their way to their best body and a happy healthy life.

The Body Makeover Movement is a membership site that provides motivation while educating the members about everything they need to know about living the fitness lifestyle the all natural way. It’s fun, healthy and exciting.

You are welcome to join us anytime and have your chance to win great prizes and get online fitness lifestyle instructions on how the Pro’s do it.


Come back April 1st to start voting.