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    It’s been an amazing year at The Body Makeover Movement.
    We started off with a $5000 cash giveaway in January 2015 with the launch of the 90 Happy Healthy Days Challenge. From there we had the Summer Slim down Challenge and gave a trio to Las Vegas away and the members spent the Olympia weekend down in Vegas shooting with LHGFX one of the industries top photographer groups. This was that last challenge of 2015 called The Fit Soul challenge. We are donating $2000 to the Women’s Outreach and giving away another $4000 to the challenge winners. 
    We are getting ready to launch the new 2016 program schedule including the new ebook programs. We will be changing the way we do things here at BMM for the new year. You can expect new competitions, monthly challenges, and programs for every level. More great prizes and more ways to win! Thank you to all that took part either in the challenge or the voting process.
    Early bird pricing for BMM’s VIP membership is on now!



    Voting takes place Dec-7-21

    4 winners will be chosen with the help from your vote!
    • Best Male Transformation- $1000
    • Best Female Transformation-$1000
    • Best Body Female- $1000
    • Best Body Male-$1000



    We already get to announce Lance Raymond for Best Body. He has been a dedicated and participating members to BMM. He was the only man brave enough to submit his best body pictures this round. Although he is winning by default you can still vote for him in Best Transformation male. He has decided to donate his Best Body winnings to The Women’s Outreach. He was hoping for a better competition and we don’t blame him. Please take the time to vote for him in the Best Transformation. 

    lance best body

    My fitness story:

    At the start of 2015 I decided to join The Body Makeover Movement after prompting from my wife who had competed in BMM’s Bikini Model Challenge in 2014. At first it started as a way to get back into shape and be more healthy in life, but it evolved into so much more as time went on. Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat which required heart surgery to fix. As a result fitness was always a priority but I had a hard time committing to something. At the start of 2015 when my before photo was taken, I was a half a pack a day smoker and also battling personal demons in my life which were leading me to make poor decisions. It came to a head when I woke up in the emergency room after suffering a near death experience and realized I had to make serious changes in my life. Through the amazing support of my wife, family, and friends, I set out to find a better version of me. The curveballs 2015 was throwing continued though as I also dealt with a death and a serious injury in my family. Coupled with other countless stresses with work and my personal life, it made me think the only easy day was yesterday. My intention isn’t to give a woe is me story here as everyone’s life is stressful, plus 2015 has also been a challenging year for surprising number of people I know. That said in retrospect, from where I came from to where I am now, it feels like I’ve crested a mountain.

    With all the turmoil going on in my life, my lifeline seemed to be exercising. The Body Makeover Movement was always supportive, and the Fitfam consisting of its members is ultra positive to everyone involved. We strive to build each other up and we love to see each other succeed which is amazing to be a part of. No matter what fitness level you’re at, you never feel alone during a workout as you know someone else is also doing the same workout in another gym. Another thing The Body Makeover Movement has taught me is the importance of striving for YOUR goals, not other’s. During my transformation I’ve had many nay sayers try to put me down, especially strangers on social media. Their negativity has only strengthened my resolve though. A person should never compete with anyone except the person they were yesterday. If your goal is to bench press the world and have a body builder physique, work towards that. If you value functional fitness and overall athleticism over pure muscle growth, then obtain that goal. Either way forget the people who believe every fit person has to look a certain way. That is their opinion, which they’re entitled to, but it shouldn’t carry any weight in your goals. What’s important is achieving what makes you happy and feel fit, because in the end who is the only true person you have anything to prove to? 

    Winning a BMM challenge has always been a lofty goal, and if I do win a category in the Fit Soul challenge it will feel like the ultimate victory to finally put 2015 to rest. I feel motivated to continue with my fitness journey into 2016 and I’m excited to see the direction BMM is heading. Claire hinted at perhaps competing in a tough mudder inspired obstacle course to determine a challenge winner. What an awesome concept and a very intriguing fitness goal to work towards. I also wish to make it a goal of mine to get more men to join The Movement next year because this program offers so much to both men and women. No matter the results of the vote, 2016 will be an exciting year and now more than ever I feel blessed to be where I am going into it. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read my story and potentially voting for me.

    Lance Raymond




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    December 21, 2015 at 8:06 am

    I feel like I am stating the obvious by saying I choose to join BMM to improve myself and to get into shape, but only a few weeks in and seeing the results of those who have entered the contest and reading about Lances story is moving on a level I never expected, I mean this honestly and truly . I feel the vibe and I am starting to realize I don’t even know what this journey is going to bring .. sooooo I better hang on. Thank you Claire and Thank you Lance for sharing this BIO about yourself.