• Today is Antioxidant Day

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    Let’s talk about antioxidants since I decided to throw that word around in the last article. Aren’t they everyone’s favorite? Like we use that word so much, do we even know what it means? I said that because we really need to be aware of marketing. Let’s not stay blind, but aware. Learn about why you want to eat more fruit and veggies.
    Antioxidants are
    Watch this informative video to understand a little bit more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM3lMKoT6U0
    When you decide to eat a food I want you to feel really good about it and why you are choosing to eat that food. There are so many awesome choices, that it kind of seems ridiculous that we still choose the crappy ones. So here’s a challenge for you. Learn about at least one fruit a week.
    Ok, this may come as a surprise to some of you but you will find throughout this course that there are NO real 100 percent true facts about when or how you eat your food that will stick. Many fitness groups, writers, so called experts will tell you that one thing or another is the way to go. Even in this program we talk about calorie counting as a starting point, but it is not the end all be all. Some people do not benefit from this at all because of the mental focus it puts on your food and it can create and obsessive compulsive disorder around food intake. If you have gone longer than 6 months with tracking your food you need to take a break. The only reason I think people should do it is to become aware of actual calories they are currently consuming. The problem with calorie tracking is that you may believe it is 100 percent accurate. It may be close but you do not know exactly how many calories you are burning on any particular day. Even with activity levels that may seem like they can be tracked with certain devices you do not know what your body is working on on the inside. Your organs could be fighting things, your stress level may be causing your heart to pump more you could be dealing with various hormone imbalances due to nutritional and other external and internal responses. The truth is there are still many mysterious reasons for the way people end up being the way they are. This is why, touching on the nutrition side is important but ultimately you have to have faith and believe that you will get to your goal. We do all kinds of self-sabotaging things because of what we believe. Our body knows what we believe and will act accordingly.


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