• To clarify our new 2017 schedule

    We had some questions arise about what’s new with BMM. I have posted on the website what’s new but I want to clarify.
    Current and new VIP member sign ups will have the opportunity to participate in all the monthly challenges that are already posted in the member section now. VIP members will also be able to participate in any challenge that is offered after the 90 Happy Healthy Days. All new members must sign up for the 90 Happy Healthy Days and receive the Diet Makeover Cookbook, a custom diet to get them started and the 90 Happy Healthy Days ebook email series. Workouts are in the app for beginners or in the VIP section. With that said it’s highly recommended that anyone wanting to be part of BMM should hold a VIP membership.
    All current members do not have to participate in 90 Happy Healthy Days or pay that registration fee if you don’t plan on participating in that program, but will still be able to participate in the transformation prize giveaway in June by paying a $150 competition participation fee as this program is really for beginners. I would expect that many of you are graduated by now and may just be working towards your best body. If that’s the case than I would suggest you be prepared to sign up for Summer Slim Down or Fit Soul. In the mean time you may be interested in getting a custom made diet or program if you feel you have grown out of what BMM currently has to offer.
    BMM’s prizes are funded completely by it’s member fees and challenge registration fees and the only way to keep the prizes coming is to charge for the challenges.


    All Grand Prize Giveaway prizes that are offered will require registration fees over and above the current BMM VIP membership fee.
    All new members must sign up for 90 Happy Healthy Days and it will be offered all year. Sign up fee $500 plus $25/month for VIP membership.
    Only VIP members will be offered the intermediate and advanced, self directed challenges such as Summer Slim Down and Fit Soul. $300
    Custom diet plans $200/month
    Custom Workout plans $200/month
    Custom diet and and workout plan combo- $300/month
    I am also going to add a non program registration fee of $150 per competition if you do not want to actually do the program again but you would like to compete. This will work for any of the program grand prize giveaways including the 90 Happy Healthy Days. I realize that many of you have done these programs and may not want to do them again but still like working towards your goals with the BMM Fit Fam and love competing.
    I want to thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing your achievements in the new year.
    Claire Rae
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