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    Over the years I have observed that convenience foods have so increased in our societies that some people don’t even own a stove or an oven anymore. Some people live in microwave only homes. I hope that doesn’t describe you.
    So much food has been deteriorated because of a higher and higher demand for quick and easy. The problem comes when quick and easy is no longer nutritious or worse yet, is toxic to your body because of the preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes added to food to make it look deceivingly more nutritious than it is. Furthermore, the cost of living a convenience food lifestyle increases stress hormones like cortisol and decreases the release of the good hormones like endorphins and oxytocin.
    To really make your workout and training last a lifetime, you will find the whole food lifestyle will give you a healthier, happier and more wholesome life all around.
    Quick and easy is possible with the right planning without sacrificing good nutrition or flavor. There are lots of great recipes on this site and in the world at large that are full of nutrition. The general rule of thumb is if it’s made from raw, non-gmo foods, organically grown, it will have more nutrients that your body can absorb than if it comes from a package. If you really want top nutritional value for your eating dollar, eat as much organic raw as you can stand. You will be amazed at the improvement in your overall health and energy level.
    Rearranging your life to allow more time in the kitchen may seem like a chore at first. After all it seems so…well…inconvenient. Here are a few tips that will help you make it easier. Get the members of your household on board if you can. Make preparation time family time; a time for members of the family to talk about the day. Try to keep it as upbeat as possible by listening to them and encouraging them. If possible, you can pre-plan your meals and take turns with someone for cooking day. Wouldn’t that be convenient? (this only works if they are on the same program or if they are supportive of you and your dietary needs)
    On grocery days, you can do a lot of preparing things in advance if you plan for them. You will save a lot of shopping time if you are going with a shopping list for preplanned meals. It will also save you money.
    Clean veggies and fruits before you put them away. Learn to store them properly and they will last longer. Organize your fridge so that you have things grouped together for mealtime. That way, you won’t be wasting time looking through your fridge for the things you need. You can cook several things in advance. (ie cook up a whole family pack of chicken breasts in one day and freeze portions according to your recipe needs. It will save you loads of time. Have snacks in small bags all ready to go according to your portion needs. Have fresh fruit on hand to eat while you are cooking a meal. (Fruit digests faster than meat does so it can be eaten first.) Or you may choose healthy raw vegetables. That way, you won’t be overindulging in snacks while you are preparing food.
    Many men and women have returned to the kitchen with friends, families and lovers. Getting together with like-minded individuals for meals at each other’s homes is a great alternative to eating in fast food joints and high calorie restaurants while still getting to eat out once in a while.
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you try some of these suggestions, you will find yourself living a richer happier life without sacrificing great amounts of convenience. Besides, the trade off can be worth so much more.


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