Lance Raymond- Two time Best of BMM Winner

I was first brought into BMM almost a year ago by my wife who competed in the Bikini Model Challenge. Being one of the few men in the program I was a little skeptical at first but I wanted to give the program a try, so I started competing in The 90 Happy Healthy Days Challenge. Now 2 challenges later I’m preparing for my first photo shoot ever, I am a believer. Claire endorses supplementing through diet alone and it’s something I’ve really taken to heart myself. It’s not only possible, but a great strategy to achieve the results you want. BMM has turned into something much more than just a workout program. The Fit Soul Challenge defines BMM’s values perfectly by giving you the tools to be a better person inside and out and allowing you to accept yourself for who you are. The BMM Fitfam truly has each other’s back, and the support we give one another is incredible, not to mention the awesome personalized support by Claire Rae herself. There isn’t one person in the group I don’t want to see succeed, even if that success is achieved by a person I’m competing against in a one of the BMM’s competition’s. It truly feels like this is a family. There are 1000 ways to get in shape, and it feels like I’ve tried lots of them, but I know in 2016 I’ll still be a member of the Body Makeover Movement.

Kimber Kiefer

It was truly an amazing adventure…hard to even explain in words!! SO glad I did The this program and went on the adventure to Costa Rica…It was truly an amazing changing. I gained so much from the entire program…life balance, healthy eating, awesome new workouts, new confidence, and new friendships! I got what I wanted out of the experience and far exceeded my expectations!!! Loved it!!

Dawn Wickberg- Best of BMM Champion 2016- Most Inspiration

Dawn won $2000 cash

Kristen Geer- Bikini Model Champion 2016

Kisten won a trip to Punta Cana to shoot with Eva Simon

Keli Park- Summer Slim Down Champion 2015

Keli won a trip to Las Vegas to shoot for Fitness Gurls Magazine and was featured in Fitness Gurls Magazine

Crystal Langille- 2 x BMM Champion

Bikini Model Search Champion 2014- Won a trip to Cancun to shoot with Eva Simon

Best of BMM – Best Body Winner 2016

Mandy Lee Jarvis- Natural Muscle Magazine Cover Winner

This was truly a dream come true. I would not have had this opportunity if it weren’t for BMM. They arranged the photoshoot with Eva Simon and I got to go to Costa Rica and enjoy my time with all the other BMM members. The program really works. My favourite part was reaching my goal in an all natural way and seeing my dream come true. BMM has the connections you need to see your dreams come true, it’s way more than a fitness program, it’s a life course with practical teaching and amazing events and opportunities. – Mandy Lee Jarvis