• Summer Slim Down Launches early for one more qualifying spot

    We wanted to give you one more chance to qualify for the most amazing BMM trip to date.

    Today we are launching the 30 Day Summer Slimdown Challenge! Yay, one last chance for you to win a qualifying spot for the trip to Europe.

    But wait, there’s more;

    Our first boat is booked! You have until the end of today to secure a spot.

    $500 Deposit >>>HERE

    You can still register for Shift if you would like the 12 week- Transform your life program and VIP access. Highly recommended for any newbies.

    Here is how things are rolling out now until July 1st, where BMM is taking the summer off to revamp and redirect.

    March 30th- 1 Shiftqualifying winner to be announced
    April 15-20 Photoshoots for anyone who is hoping to win a qualifying spot

    ** Very important. You need to have a professional picture handed in no later than April 30th for the vote. Whether you qualify or not before then you will want to make sure you have a current professional fitness photo done in case you win the qualifying spot. If you have any questions, make sure you ask.

    April 30th-1 Shiftqualifying winner and 1 Summer Slim down qualifier winners to be announced.
    May 1-7– VOTE will take place and the Grand prize trip winner will be announced
    May 30thSummer Slim DownBMM Box winner announced
    June 1- 7– WE SAIL and shoot.
    June 30th– Photoshoot Summer Slim Down winner announced.



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