• Summer Break News

    A lot of buzz around what’s happening with BMM next. We are happy that you are asking this question. There is definitely something in the works for the fall but like every year, we are set to head into summer break come July 1st, right after we announce the summer slim down winner.

    Just a reminder to all Summer Slim Down Challengers that your before and after pictures must be in no later than June 28th.

    Top 5 Summer break tips to stay in shape and healthy.

    1. Get outside and enjoy that vitamin D while you can. If that means skipping the gym, so be it. Just make sure you are still getting daily exercise and do something that motivates you. Try something new or make a new running goal. It’s simple, get your heart rate up and get your sweat on.
    2. Stay hydrated. Remember with the hotter weather you are likely to need more water. Add fruit to your water or tea bags. Avoid sugary drinks, energy drinks, and juices as although they are flavorful they may come with a sugar crash and instead of filling you with energy they may leave you feeling tired craving more sugar.
    3. If you find yourself on patios make sure you are mindful of your alcohol and bar food consumption. Steer clear from sugary drinks again including casears and ciders. Alcohol is not a friend to fitness goals so remember if you are drinking you are likely to be set back. Of course, for many people you may feel like you wake up in better form at first but whatever you do consistantly will have results either good or bad.
    4. Eat lots of water-based fruits and veggies like cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, oranges. All of these are between 85%-96% water based. Add a smoothie to your daily routine.
    5. Get rest and try not overdo the activites. I know in the summer there can be a million events to go to and for some northerners it’s hard not to feel a little FOMO duing the very short summer months but make sure you allocate some time to just chillout. Nothing can raise your cortisol like lack of sleep. With raised cortisol you can expect sugar and carb cravings and you may find yourself over eating. Take a nap instead of a snack.




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