• Septembers Monthly Challenge #BMM_DWYC

    Let’s get started on our famous monthly challenges. This month is short because we only launched have way through the month. I know getting back into the swing of things can be tough but here we are. I would like to start by kicking our excuses out the door on activity. I hear it all the time and often personally feel time constraints for getting to the gym. Let’s be honest, with work, kids, or school or whatever it can be hard to get to the gym every day or even at all for those in remote places. I get it, but you can still get in 20-30 minutes of activity somewhere. So this month I want to call this the “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have activity challenge” That’s a mouth full but you know it’s true.

    What you need to do is get creative and post a video or picture on Instagram with you getting in a quick exercise or stretch in with what you have around you. It should not be a gym. My goal here is to bust excuses everywhere. Use the milk carton, use the baby, the box.. whatever.

    Here’s a little workout routine you can do anywhere, anytime:

    • 10 pushups
    • 30 squats
    • 10 jumping lunges
    • 1-minute plank hold
    • Repeat 3 times

    Sharing can be fun and a way to stay on track.

    Share your Do what you can where you are activity this month part of your challenge. The submission winner will need to have at least posted one of these throughout the month. The more creative the better, we want to be examples to people everywhere that anyone can get fitness in their life.

    Tag us @bodymakeovermovement on Instagram and use this hashtag #BMM_DWYC and also feel free to take part in our daily posts.



    Daily participation Not mandatory 

    Mondays–  Motivation Monday

    Monday’s are a free-for-all. Share recipes, quotes, motivation, workouts, anything that will get you going for the week ahead. Hashtags to choose from:

    #BMM_recipes #BMM_fitfam #BMM_shift #BMM_motivation #BMM_quotes

    Share your recipes, what you did over the weekend.  Share anything that motivates you or can motivate others

    Tuesday- #BMM_TT or #Transformationtuesday

    Thoughtful Tuesdays- Think for yourself and share words of affirmation. Affirm your goals. We will also be sharing some of our favorite transformations. You might just get to see yourself up there one day;)

    Wednesday- #BMM_workout

    Workout Wednesday. Share a new workout or one from your program provided.

    Thursday- #BMM_TBT

    Throwback BMM pictures and achievements

    If you are a long time member or you have had some achievements in the past feel free to share. This is a great time to share photoshoot pictures from past celebration retreats. It’s fun to remember the fun we have had and motivate the whole group about the upcoming trip.

    Friday- #BMM_progress #FlexFriday

    Share with us your progress pictures and get people excited about your results.

    Social Media Break- Take the weekend and do you.

    Weekends off – Train yourself to live in the moment.

    Saturday- Live your life Saturday

    Sunday– Rest your soul Sunday

    Remember to try and take at least one day week for complete rest. It’s part of the program

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