• Self massage and foam rolling

    For any of you that workout or just sit in the same position for many hours a day could use a regular massage. In fact I believe that almost everyone could use a massage from time to time. Massage is an ancient healing form that has been used practically since the beginning of time. Although I believe in the healing hands of professionals and even non professional massage therapists to perform these special healing techniques. Massage can create a sense of well being to promote health muscle and emotionally healing. I believe that sometimes we truly need healing  touch that can only be given by another individual. Unfortunately we are not always in the presence of willing hand massage healers. Because it’s not always available or affordable to seek massage regularly we should still create a way for our body to work at it’s best and create routines on our own that can aid in our body’s ability to heal itself and perform optimally.
    In any case I want to talk about one way in which you can administer your own massage therapy with foam rolling. Foam Rolling was created for the purpose of massaging sore muscles, increasing blood flow, a healing aid and releasing tension from stress. There are multiple places on the body in which you will want to do this.
    The upper and lower back- This may be an obvious one as many people experience back pain. All you have to do is place the foam roller in the middle of your back and using your legs to roll back and forth allowing the roller to roll on the floor as it glides on your back. You may experience some pain while doing this but that will only be an indication of sore and tight muscles. The point is to allow your muscles to be tenderized by the motion of the roller. It’s a way of releasing tight muscles, increasing blood flow and releasing trigger points.
    You can also roll out your glutes, calf muscles, hamstrings and arms. All of your muscles could use this kind of therapy regularly.
    Note about glutes- Often your back can get tight from tight glutes so if you are experiencing tight back muscles, make sure to roll out your glutes and hamstrings also.



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    When should you roll?
    The best time I’ve found to roll is before your workout or when you wake up. It’s a great way to start the day. You don’t need to be warm to roll. As you start rolling your skin will start to warm up as it presses against your skin and penetrates your muscles. This will create blood flow especially in any places your blood may have pooled during sleep or muscle tension from your workout the day before.
    Ideally, you may want to do this before and after your workout for best results. I keep my travel roller in the living room and tend to enjoy rolling out during morning meditation or while watching a movie.
    It honestly feels so good, you just have to try it and create a routine for yourself to truly understand the benefits. It’s worth 15-20 minutes a day. You will thank me later for this simple and affordable little tid bit.

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