• Plan to succeed.

    One of the best things you can do to get yourself on track is take one day a week to plan out your meals. This will not only help you get in shape but it will also help you save money. You can waist a lot of food and time when you’re not prepared.

    What does that look like, you ask?

    Step 1- Make a list of meals that you would like to have throughout the week. Of course you will want to make sure you are choosing recipes that are going to work with your diet. I suggest you grab The Bikini Model Cookbook for great BMM competition recipe ideas or check out www.jamieoliver.com. He has some great healthy idea’s too, and also breaks down the macro’s for you.

    Step 2- Make a grocery list based off of your recipe. Make sure that you are only buying all natural food. You will want to make sure you choose a variety of fruits and veggies. Plan on eating veggies at most of your meals and snacks. They are very low in calories and high in nutrients. Do not buy any junk food.

    Step 3- Cook up your meat and cut your veggies on the same day you do your shopping. Have your meals marked out, so you know exactly what you are going to eat for each meal.

    Step 4- Plan your cheat day in advance. This will either be a special meal you make or something you do socially by eating out. I suggest eating out because you won’t be temped to eat seconds or thirds if you meal comes as a portioned plate.




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