• Over the Holidays

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    First off I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the BMM Team. For the BMM memebers it’s been one heck of a year. No, not the easiest of years but so many triumphs and champions have been made this year. Everyone has a unique story for 2016 and it’s been a wonder to watch this group grow.

    I wanted to give you a little insight of what you should been doing during the holidays. First, make sure you are taking a rest from all the dieting and stress of getting to your best body. It’s important that everyone takes a break physically and mentally. The holidays are a perfect time for this. First, it’s extremely difficult to stay perfect with family get togethers, parties and temptation everywhere you look. Secondly, you likely need the break anyway, I sure know I do. The thing about the rest is that you may feel like you are getting way off track but I will assure you that one slack month is not what leads to obesity. It’s a lifestyle of neglect that gets a person out of shape. If you are a BMM member you have nothing to worry about. We will be starting fresh on the 90 Happy Healthy Days right away in the new year and if you take the rest now you will be excited and ready to get back on track come January. Rest is needed for you to experience that refresh of motivation I know so many of you desperately need. Sometimes when you start losing motivation it’s as simple as taking a break away from it all to come back better than ever. With that said, PLEASE take a break, enjoy some extra calories and rest as much as possible.


    Things you can do during the holidays that will help you with your mood and energy will be to limit your sugar intake as much as possible and do make sure to still do some form of activity daily. It will keep you happier while you deal with the stress of obligation family activities and the like. Some tricks I use to not over due it during the holidays is to intermittent fast. This is where I will choose my big dinners that are bound to happen and even them out but eating very light the rest of the time. Plus I try and stay clear from alcohol as much as possible. For some families that’s the norm, but being a fitness lover that you are, that does not have to be the norm for you. Remember, you are the boss of you and no one should determine what you do with your body but you.

    What it all comes down to, is if you feel stress about gaining extra weight, DON’T. If you want to still have a ton of energy and be happy through the holidays, stay as close to your routine as possible but don’t punish yourself if you fall a little off track, we all do and it’s OK. Enjoy your holidays and make sure you are ready to kill it in the new year.


    One more thing, many of you are wondering what’s happening in 2017 and I am just making some final decisions about how we are going to be running the next year and will be announcing that shortly. For now plan on taking part in the 90 Happy Healthy Days and expect monthly challenges to start in January, where you can start winning fun prizes again.


    Also, I’d love to see your turkey dinner feast. Post it and tag us @bodymakeovermovement #BMM_Holidaydinner. 


    Again, Happy Holidays and good luck for all those competing in Best Of BMM.



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