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    Just a little update.


    I just want to stop in and say hello, and give you a little update of what’s been going on with The Body Makeover Movement. We re-launched in January 2015, just a few short months ago. After a very successful run with The Bikini Model Challenge in 2014, I believed we should open the doors to men as well. It’s been exciting working with the new members and getting to know many of them.


    I’m always trying to think up new ways to get you motivated and provide information that will help you get you to your goal. I have recently added topics such as carb cycling, and various new sample diets for different goals. I always find when the members ask questions it helps me create a better program. I don’t feel like there is a fix all solution for everyone but with continual content building the members can and will find a solution to help them reach their potential.


    The Body Makeover Movement program starts off by teaching people about the basics of calories and making food choices based off the goal at hand. I feel that teaching people about how food works is the best way to see long term success. Knowledge is power when trying to reach a goal. The members are provided the opportunity to reach out on our member’s only forum and get answers to their questions. Our goal is to continue to add support throughout the journey to the challenge finish line.


    The Body Makeover Movement’s first challenge is called The 90 Happy Healthy Days. I called it that because I believe that we all need to find balance for true happiness, 90 days is a perfect amount of time to learn the basics while working on building a new healthy routine. I wanted to touch on topics that are related to fitness, family and finding balance. Balance is the number 1 most important part in finding happiness. Although this is a fitness program I like to talk about topics that are not just about exercise and diet. Although those things are important, I believe that there is so much more to life than that.  

Each program in 2015 builds on the next. It’s geared around the seasons and is meant to teach a variety of fitness topics all working towards one final goal. The goal is to create a vision of your ideal body and lifestyle and be able to hit it your target goal time and time again, no matter what life throws at you. Each goal you make gets you closer to finding your all round balance. There is a season to build, a season to shred, and a season to maintain. Fitness is a journey and is part of a healthy life.

    March is the last month of the 90 Happy Healthy Days 12 week challenge. I am giving away $5000 in hopes that it really motivates the members to step up their game and focus on their current goal. We encourage all of our members to share their personal journey via social media. We believe that what they are doing can impact their family, friends and community in a positive way. We designed this program with creating a fitness Movement in mind. We want our members to share their passion, and get excited. There will be a vote off for the final winners. The more they share and inspire others, the better chance in creating fans for the final vote. Fitness was meant to be shared after all.

Follow our hashtag- #BMM_FitFam


What’s next

    The next 12 week challenge will start April 1st. It begins at the same time as the voting for the Grand Prize winners of The 90 Happy Healthy Days challenge. You will want to register ASAP to get a head start on your fitness plan for the next 12 week challenge.

Find out more about The Summer Slim Down Challenge here.

    I would love to have you as a member. If you already registered you are all set for the next challenge. Members only pay one initial sign up fee and after 3 months can stay on board for only $25 dollars a month through their paypal subscription. This gives you ongoing workout, diet and Q&A updates and challenge registration for all of 2015’s challenges. That means you can compete in all of them.



     Register now!

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