• New Year new BMM Plan

    Happy New Year!


    A few things are changing in 2017.

    You will need to be a VIP member to participate in the monthly challenges and get the workouts, and recipes or any programs other than the 90 happy healthy days. Any Grand prize giveaway will go only to those that are registered for current program, such as the 90 Happy Healthy Days qualifier or Fit Soul.

    All new members must register for the 90 Happy Healthy Days before moving onto other programs. Each program progresses off the next and I don’t want anyone to get lost.

    90 Happy Healthy Days transformation pictures must be submitted by June 1st. There will not be a vote but rather finalist selection for photoshoot and prize giveaways in August during 2017’s celebration retreat month. All details to this event will be announced in the spring.


    We want to introduce you to your Diet Coach Bree Hunter. She has years of experience and is sports nutrition certified. No matter your goal, she will be happy to assist you to get to your goal.

    BMM’s 2017 goal is to help 1000 people get in shape. We ask that if you would also like to see this happen that you spread the word and get your friends and family part of it.


    Let’s make 2017 the best year yet.

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