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    Evelyn Arellano

    Interview with runner up Evelyn Arellano.


    Q:What was your life like before BMM? Tell us what you do for a living?

    A:I’ve always been the girl who loved a good physical challenge. I was involved in many sports growing up and carried that competitive nature into my adulthood by always going hardcore in the gym. I was not a disciplined eater. My diet mainly consisted of fast food and eating out in restaurants. As I got older, I continued the same eating habits and figured I could because I was so active. Not so, I ended up gaining weight and working night shift as a nurse in the hospital didn’t help either.

    Q:What are the two most valuable things you learned from the program?

    A:Keeping track of my macros is one valuable tool I learned from the program. It has helped me view food in a different light. Food is fuel for the body and keeping track of my macros helped me discover I was originally eating a diet consisting of fats and carbs (and not the good ones!)I’ve discovered my body responds better when I eat whole, natural foods. I don’t feel heavy or run down. Secondly, I learned the importance of having a goal and remaining consistent to achieve it. It was not an overnight process and having the support from like minded people was a huge help in achieving my goal.

    Q:Can you tell us how much weight/inches you lost?

    A:I lost 10 pounds but the significant change was in my overall body fat %. I went from 27% to 18% through clean eating.

    Q:Are you finding it easy to maintain now that you are done the program? What have you done to maintain?

    A:This program has definitely provided me with the tools to help me make better choices. Eighty percent of my meals primarily come from the bikini model cookbook. I still allow myself a cheat meal, but eating clean most of the time doesn’t leave me feeling guilty for having that cheat meal.  I still continue to prep all my meals for the week especially when I work consecutive nights at the hospital.

    Q:Do you have a new healthy recipe you can share with us?

    A:My favorite go to meal has always been burger and fries.  It still is but now I substitute the beef and fries with bison meat and baked sweet potato fries. I like to mix a little garlic and onion in the meat before I toss it on the grill.

    Q: If you could add something different to the program what would it be?

    A: Wow.. great question. Maybe perhaps incorporating ways to make healthy snacks using a dehydrator?

    Q:What made you sign up to the BMM program? Would you do it again?

    A:I knew I had to make a change. I’ve tried meal replacement shakes in the past but nothing has given me the results as this program. I wanted something that was sustainable and didn’t end in 90 days. I would absolutely sign up again!

    Q: Would you recommend this program? Why?

    A: Yes I would recommend this program to everyone! It is sustainable, it’s not a fad. Simply put, this program works!

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