• Member Testimonial- A true lifestyle change

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    Cat Oshanek

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    Catherine Oshanek lost more than 40lb and has been keeping it off with her new lifestyle. Here’s what she had to say:


    Q: What was your life like before BMM? Tell us what you do for a living?

    A: To be honest my live before the challenge wasn’t all that different
    from how it is now. I am a full time photographer who shoots mostly
    fitness, fashion, commercial and boudoir. I also run a campaign called
    I’ve Been Bullied..I do motivational speaking, mentoring etc.

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    Q: What are the two most valuable things you learned from the program?

    A: The biggest thing I learned from the program was how to eat. I think
    being a big girl most of my life, we get caught in this idea that if
    you are big you must eat WAY too much..so because of that stigma I
    actually barely ate at all. I was never a junk food eater, I never
    stuffed my face..but instead I only ate one meal every day in the
    evenings. I had almost literally stopped my metabolism. Doing this
    program taught me that I HAVE to eat. I think I have actually eaten
    more over the past year than I have in the past 15 years as an adult.
    The second thing I learned was how different foods effected me. I find
    now that when I eat wheat products, I don’t feel well for a few days
    after. I’ve learned to watch my bodies signs and listen to them.

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    Q: Can you tell us how much weight/inches you lost?

    A:Before the program I had managed to lose 25 pounds on my own..during
    the three months I lost 40 pounds and since ending the program a year
    ago I have gone down another 10. So I’ve lost 75 pounds all together.
    I lost 32 inches during the 12 week challenge.

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    Q: Are you finding it easy to maintain now that you are done the

    program? What have you done to maintain?
    A: I actually dropped another 10 pounds since the program ended. I am
    finding it super easy to maintain because I lost the weight the right
    way. Don’t get my wrong..I still have a month here and there where I
    dont go to the gym or eat super healthy..but as soon as I start eating
    clean again I am not struggling to lose the extra pound or two that I
    gained. I have been super busy since the challenge. I try to do six
    days a week at the gym, hiking, walking the dog and try my best to eat
    as clean as I can. The BIGGEST thing is eating. I make sure I eat
    breakfast and lunch everyday..which strangely is the hardest thing to
    keep up.

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    Q: Do you have a new healthy recipe you can share with us?

    A: My fav thing that I made up is my breakfast shake. I literally have
    it every single morning to force myself to have a breakfast. I use
    unsweetened almond milk, raw egg whites, natural peanut butter with
    nothing but peanuts in it, a banana, cinnamon and a little powder
    fiber. Throw it in my magic bullet and mix it up 🙂 Oh and a HUGE
    glass of water on the side.

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    Q:If you could add something different to the program what would it be?

    A: Ummm I just love the meet ups. Even if girls did it in their own
    cities themselves during or after the challenge. It is great that you
    form a family while doing it.

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    Q: What made you sign up to the BMM program? Would you do it again?

    A:I actually never wanted to sign up to the challenge, lol. I had zero
    interest in doing it. I was always a very happy plus sized lady..but I
    am very good friends with Claire and decided to support her business
    venture. Of course the second I became involved I gave it my all. I am
    VERY competitive..so if I am going to do something I DO IT! lol I am
    very glad that she convinced me to join the challenge. I would 120% do
    it again.

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    Q: Would you recommend this program? Why?

    A: I would, and have recommended it. I think it’s a great chance to learn
    how to actually live a healthy LIFESTYLE. Screw diets..this program
    isn’t about a quick fix..it’s about actually making a life change for
    the better 😀


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