Claire Rae is an internationally published cover model, a certified trainer and the creator and life coach of The Body Makeover Movement.

Claire’s goal is to help inspire, motivate and educate people to live a healthy all natural and balanced life, while striving towards personal fitness and life goals. She has 10 years experience at the Pro Fitness competitive level with many titles. She has been an advocate for healthy natural eating and excels at educating people on how to live the fitness lifestyle, while still enjoying all that life has to offer.

Claire’s vision is to create a Healthy Movement by bringing facts and ideas to the homes of people around the world with this online experience.

The Sky is the limit when you feel healthy in your mind, body and soul.
-Claire Rae

Crystal Langille is a mother of two and one of our BMM Champions. Crystal showed her dedication and persistence to the fitness lifestyle when she won the Grand Prize trip to Cancun back in 2014 and again took the Best Female Body Grand Prize in 2016’s Best of BMM. Her dedication to the BMM Fit Fam was evident from the start. After her amazing win we asked her to come on board and help out with our social media. She is invaluable and a real team player. She is not only beautiful on the outside but the love and support she gives to the members makes her even more beautiful. She is a true BM champion.

Bree Hunter is BMM’s Summer Slim Down Coach. Bree has been training clients since 2010 and has certifications in sports nutrition and specialized exercise development. Bree has also been  a Pro fitness competitor since 2009. Bree is passionate about helping people break plateaus and see their lives transform with guided programs. She loves leading her clients to their lifestyle goals.

Nicci Lee is a top Canadian beauty and fitness model that specializes in bikini model coaching, stage posing prep. Her specialties in training include muscle building. Her workouts are intense and they are proven with the results from her competitive clients. She is the owner and master trainer at Iron Empire in Calgary, Alberta.

Nicci Lee is the Bikini Model Coach for 2018’s Bikini Model Search and is bringing you an all new program to push your limits and help you reach your goals.