• The 5th Annual BMM Celebration Retreat- Bali

    As much as we wanted to keep you updated here we just got way to busy enjoying the sight and scenes. We were only together for a short 5 days but in whole most of us spent at least 15 days in Bali. So let me give you a report of our time and share with you some pictures as we go through the many that were taken.

    This celebration retreat was unique in that it was the first to be of a non-all-inclusive adventure. We stayed at 3 locations as a group and many more locations collectively in smaller groups as each traveller was able to extend their trip for personal time. We got a variety of different shooting locations that were all unique as well. We got to shoot at a waterfall, black sand beach, white sand beach and many tropical jungle forest locations as well as travel villa type garden shots. It was truly a model and photographers dream. Tara, the winner of the BMM Bikini Model Search is also a very talented photographer and wanted to get some of her own photography in so those that came had the opportunity to shoot with her as a special bonus. Like always, this trip went on without a hitch and brought together an amazing amount of unique memories from the island boat ride,  horse and carriage island life to the perfect weather, good fresh food, and culture. It was truly an adventure to put in the books.

    Being that it was the celebration retreat there was plenty of celebration food enjoyed and plenty of relaxtion time. We did however get a little exercise in while riding bikes around Gili Air, swimming and hiking mountain stairs to get to the waterfall. There weren’t many gyms where we were so we used what we had where we were. When we weren’t shooting we were relaxing and just enjoying some down time. Many massages and beauty treatments were enjoyed as well, especially because the prices were so affordable it was hard not to over endulge in this area.. If there is a such thing.  We always like to go with the flow and let those that come determine what they want to do with their time together. Everyone got something unique out of this trip and we are pleased we got to capture it.


    Make sure you follow along on instagram and Facebook for more pictures will be shared as they come out. In the mean time here is some of our trip as we saw it.











    May 21- We had an amazing time at the Tegenungan Waterfalls and are looking forward to sharing some of the shots we got there with the Prize Tribe Bikini’s.


    May 22-  We stayed at the Wyndham- Tamansari Jivva Resort Bali

    The day started off great with a workout and a healthy breakfast. We were a little slow moving so we decided to take a rest from shooting and head to town for some retail therapy. Let’s just say it’s not what we were expecting and the only thing bought was a few snacks and some water. The best part of the trip to town was taking in some culture and enjoying some cell phone snaps of the colors, people and buildings. We came back to the hotel and enjoyed naps, massages, and smoothies.




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