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    Pushing yourself will be key in getting to the next level. I’m sure you have had times hitting the gym and maybe even seasons where you go but you know that you could have pushed a little harder. I have done the same, and I know we all need to take a break from time to time but I find that it can be a downward effect in every area of your life. First you may start slacking in your diet then you have less energy, you may be feeling more tired than usual. Next thing you know it you are way off track and need to start back at the basics, but still aren’t quite motivated to get there. This is where signing up for a program can really help kickstart your motivation. We all need little reminders of what’s healthy and what’s not. It’s funny how we justify ourselves for what isn’t healthy. Remember, the truth is you really will have more energy if you start taking notes and making those healthy changes. No matter how far you have fallen off the wagon you can get back at it and even better  than you were in the past. You do have it in you and you can do it.

    Come and commit with me to be better than you were last year by joining the Summer Slim Down Challenge, together we can be great.



    -Claire Rae

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