• It’s all in the sauce- Shrimp Salad

    The BMM Fit Fam is sharing recipes this month, and let’s be honest, food is the most important part of the fitness lifestyle. You need to find foods that will nourish your body.

    I just want to start off by sharing this recipe. It’s so easy and it tastes so good. This has been my favourite go to recipe for weeks.

    First I want to tell you that approximates are good enough for making this sauce. All you have to do is add your mostly cooked chicken or already cooked chicken or shrimp. Then pour in the coconut cider soy sauce replacement, I would say about 4 tablespoons and 2 tablespoons of PB2. Just think 2:1 ratio of coconut to PB2 powder. You will let it simmer on med high in a pan and mix secularly. You will really want to watch it because it doesn’t take very long to thicken up at all. It’s really all about preference on how thick you want your sauce. I usually don’t keep cooking it for longer than 5 minutes.

    The best part about this sauce is it’s so versatile, low in calories and soy free, I like so many people are allergic to soy. Using real peanut butter can add up in calories so fast and so for someone trying to lose weight this could be a nice alternative. I also like using it as a dipping sauce for my rice wraps.

    Try this healthy vegan, dairy free, soy free option for your healthy stir-fry, rice wraps, or anything else you could think of. Making yummy healthy food is just one of the perks of living a healthy lifestyle.

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