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    Our Shift your life challenge registration was open in September 2018. Registered members worked through the 12 week Shift your life program. We kept registration open right through the voting. That meant that anyone could register and take part and qualify for the vote, as long as they were making a shift to a healthier and happier self and could show results of their personal Shift both physically and include their personal story of what they had to overcome to make their SHIFT. All BMM’s programs have the same baseline of an all natural way to your best self. Long time members are encouraged to take leadership and help newbies and promote a healthy sustainable fitness lifestyle. It’s all about finding what will work best for you as an individual. Many people use the BMM workouts and diet guidelines provided in the VIP membership but we do not discriminate against using other programs as long as they are natural and healthy and can be shared to help others find a healthy happy life.

    This year BMM promised to give away a trip to Europe for the one who won the public vote between May 1-7th. They were asked to share their transformation story to allow people to vote not just on their outward appearance but also help inspire those that may be going through difficulty, procrastination, or excuses. The triumphant stories help people bust excuses and inspire others to live their best life even if they don’t have “the right genetics”, “the time”, “the money” or whatever the circumstances are that people use as excuses.

    You had to qualify to make it to the top 10 vote. We had 3 top qualifiers drop out from our qualifying spots so we were able to replace those with a few other deserving members. It was a tough call because so many did such a great job this year but like always, the winner was determined by public vote and although we had a very tight race, Zac Chalmers won by most votes with 1750 votes. A very close call to Meghan Elgert our runner up who had 1734 votes.

    Zac is a rugby, hockey and MMA coach out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is loved by many and maybe if BMM is lucky we can have him on as a coach sometime in the future. His story relates to many and also to many trainers. It’s just impossible to be on all the time and sometimes we just need a shift.

    Zac’s Shift story

    The shift challenge came to me at a perfect time in my life. About a year and a half ago I was going through a very difficult time in my life. In 2017 I  had discovered I potentially had a very rare type of cancer that doctors couldn’t really figure out. It was missing a few characteristics to confirm and took several months to find out it wasn’t. During that time the stress was intense and I had also lost a friend to suicide to make it worse. I began drinking more than normal and that was leading me down a bad path. Being a personal trainer and gym owner, this put my head into a bad place feeling like a fraud. Some bad business decisions took place during this time and that part of my life was also in turmoil. To make things worse, I split up with a girl I was engaged to and we had to sell our house. The market was crap. It took 7 months and we lost money on the house. My physical and mental health was getting worse and then I met an amazing girl who was super supportive and we fell in love. We both started making changes in our lifestyle and Sept 2018 we both stopped drinking. I had seen a picture of myself in horrible shape and knew I needed to make a shift. Things were turning around and I was feeling amazing. Life was on the upswing! Christmas came and I was on a constant high of feeling healthy and getting back to myself and better! Jan 2019 hit and I was rolling in hot, then I broke my ankle and there was something unusual with it. It was misdiagnosed by 3 different doctors over the course of 3 weeks and I developed a staph infection. The pain was like nothing I’ve ever known. I spent several nights unable to sleep and in agony and being told by doctors to just take some Advil and come back in a week if it doesn’t change. Finally, it was diagnosed properly and when the infection was confirmed the alarms went off. I was rushed into surgery and told that it was life-threatening and that there was a chance I may lose my foot in the process. Luckily I didn’t. Coming out of surgery, I was now on another road to injury rehab, except this time with a portable antibiotic IV bag on my hip with a tube inserted into my heart for a month. Traveling around on two canes with the IV thru the harsh Calgary -40 winter cold snap was another frustration in itself. Luckily I was surrounded by support because mentally I was exhausted, and I couldn’t exercise due to the heart having a tube in it so I focused on eating well in order to maintain my physical health progress. Nearing the end of the 8 weeks of antibiotics my girlfriend and I broke up. Physically I was weak. Mentally and Emotionally I was deflated.

    I kept my focus though and it was the checklist in the SHIFT challenge that helped me stay on track. It’s a lot of things that we all know help keep us balanced but at times when feeling weak, it helped to be reminded of the things in life that keep us loving life. I continued to work around the ankle rehab, and on the outside, I made physical progress. On the inside is a trickier challenge. I used the challenges as fuel to charge through and not let my heartache and other mental disruptions bring me down. I began volunteering more with teaching self-defence and promoting fundraising for people with brain injuries and collaborating with a friend on a campaign to support mental health. Over the last month of the shift challenge I have been blessed with a perspective shift on all these obstacles as just another series of events that serve a purpose in my life…to be able to share my pain from my own wounds to help others heal from their own wounds, and to help people feel that they are not alone and it’s okay to not be okay. The growth has been uncomfortable and painful at times but I’ve been through much worse in my life and I survived the infection for a reason. I feel amazing and life is great…even when it sucks 🙂



    Watch for Zac’s trip of a lifetime on his Instagram @smashconditioning or if you are in the Calgary area go have a workout with Zac at www.smashconditioning.com

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