• Habits of fit people

    Habits and Traits of a Fit person.




    Have you ever wondered how some people make being in shape look so easy?

    1. Water bottle buddy.

    Being that water should be the number one source of fluids a healthy person will want to drink, you may find these people carry around a water bottle with them everywhere they go. Don’t judge them; join them.

    I find it hard to drink out of a glass anymore, I’m so accustom to drinking from my 1L water bottle that I find that I often spill on myself when I attempt to drink from a regular glass.



    1. House cleaning and daily chores burn calories.

    A fit person usually starts their day off with making their bed before they leave the room. It is the first act of activity for the day. Fit people often have clean houses. They don’t wait for someone else to clean up messes, their active mentality often Brings them to get things done quickly. They tend to clean up after themselves, and this burns calories.



    1. Active social life

    Fit people generally mix their social activities with fitness related activities, such as The Body Makeover Movement, Tough Mudder, fitness competitions, marathons and other group sports and activities. Active people tend to choose tropical vacations where they can show off their bathing suit body. They are often active on vacation and like to explore the out doors.


    1. Active people are planners

    Fit people usually look and plan what they will be eating throughout the week. They tend to fill their grocery cart with at least 80% healthy natural food. They know how to treat themselves too.

    1. Goal setters

    Fit people set goals. Even if they don’t set fitness goals, they tend to set goals that bring them satisfaction and push them to be better and bring them success.





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