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    It is my deepest wish that you find this program to be helpful and inspiring. I have many years of experience in the fitness industry. I’ve learned from some the best and worst in the world of fitness and nutrition. I know that one size does not fit all no matter what is written on the label
    I am qualified to coach you toward your goals but I am not a health care professional and this is not a substitute for proper health care when needed. As a matter of fact all fitness programs should be mentioned to your Doctor.
    Sometimes, even when you do your best, there are things in life you cannot control. So I want to tell you that it’s ok to get the help you need from a professional when you need it.
    When might you need it, you might ask? Here is a list of a few circumstances when you should consult a health care professional:
    • If you have an eating disorder and you know it.
    • When you find yourself extremely tired for a prolonged period of time even after a good sleep.
    • When you are thirsty all the time, going to the bathroom all the time and losing weight too fast (even if you are delighted with the weight loss, it shouldn’t be with excessive thirst)
    • Consistent heartburn. The kind that needs help at least once a week. Changing your diet can really help this but if the diet change doesn’t help, check it out.
    • Are you struggling with stress or depression? Look up the symptoms if you suspect that you are. Exercise is great for helping mild depression but if it’s not helping, it’s ok to seek help!
    • When you realize you drink too much alcohol, or look to food or drugs to self medicate, get the help you need.
    • Are your gums bleeding? It may be poor diet or bad dental hygiene but it may be more serious than that.
    • Sudden onset blurry vision. As you age your eyes might change but it doesn’t happen quickly. Get checked out if it happens fast.
    • Constant achiness. This might be just relieved with rest from over exercising. But when it doesn’t go away you may have something more than just a common cold or flu. If in doubt, check in with your doctor.
    • A throbbing foot that doesn’t feel better when rested. You may have a stess fracture that’s more common in women than in men but can happen in anyone during intense exercise.
    • Super loud snoring. Not only does it cause interruption of sleep and that causes enough problems of it’s own but it may be more serious than you think.
    • If you are exercising more and eating healthier food and you could lose a few more pounds but aren’t, ask your Dr. You may have a hormone imbalance that can’t be controlled by diet. (See my article about hormones)
    • Pounding chest pain, slurred speech and migraines are all things to see your Dr. about.
    This is not an exhaustive list by any means but they are a few general guidelines. You may have to work hard to change your habits but if more is wrong with you than just a change of living patterns, you don’t have to tough it out. Many health conditions can be radically improved by proper nutrition and exercise. To live a wonderful life, take more interest in your health. You will last longer and live better while you do.
    My great grandmother was a strong healthy woman who lived to the ripe old age of 100. She grew her own garden, loved raw fruits and vegetables and ate sweets as a special treat on Sunday. But she wasn’t too proud to see a doctor when she needed one either. I was privileged to know her for over 30 years.


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