• Foodie Friday- Lemon Love

    Food is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is only fitting that we dedicate a whole day to learning about it, prepping and sharing. Every Friday we will be sharing food ideas, nutrition information or just a great recipe that you can try. We invite everyone to do the same with our BMM hashtag #BMM_Foodie. We all have traditions or ideas that can be shared. With the way the world is now, we can share ideas from around the globe. It’s amazing! So to kick it off Foodie Friday I wanted to start with something fresh and simple.  Feel free to add more fun facts in the comments section below, spread the word and share! Thanks for stopping in;)



    Did you know that lemons have a ton of nutrition and other uses you may not have thought of? Here is a list that will make staying maybe you knew or didn’t know and next time you are at the grocery store you can grab one and try some of these ideas out for yourself.

    • Face Scrub Lemon and baking powder make a great face all-natural scrub. Your face will absorb the Vitamin C and the fine courses of the baking powder will slug off any dead skin, revealing a natural healthy glow.
    • Relieve depression Lemon can be used to help reduce depression and anxiety. Try adding lemon to your water or making a great tea and honey or ginger for a zero sugar option
    • Lemons can be used Cleaning all your countertops. If you cut a whole lemon in half, squeeze the juice onto the counter. Using the lemon as a scrubber, you can use the juice like you would any other house cleaner but it’s a whole lot more natural. You see, there are always great ways of doing things with natural resources. The citric acid will quickly remove the stains.
    • Fight illness-Lemons are high in Vitamin C as most citric fruits are so naturally they are great for fighting cold and other viruses


    Here’s what you can do over the weekend. Create a great lemon recipe, add some lemon to your water every morning and use remainder shells in hot water for cleaning your house floor, kitchen, and bathroom.


    Lemons are great in almost all lean protein meals such as fish and chicken. You will find a ton of great recipes when you google lemon.

    My Favourite use of lemon is as a salad dressing. It can be all you need to freshen up your greens.

    Here are some great recipes we found on the web:

    Check this website out for some seriously awesome recipes.



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