• Final focus- Competition protocol

    In a time of information overload, it’s extremely easy to get very confused. Have you heard of this diet or that? Have you tried the newest supplements? I know that it is all very alluring but from the start, BMM has been dedicated to telling you the truth without selling you products that you don’t need. This is just a reminder to all those that have been venturing off into diet and sports supplement land hoping to find an easier way. And when I say easier, I mean the way where you can have your cake and eat it too. I know that it may be a disappointment but what do you really want? Results or relapse?

    Over the last 6 months we have been chatting about the keto diet and the like and of course the internet never really stops trying to sell us stuff now does it? But it is time to get back to the basics, back to what works. As for your diet, you will find that natural whole foods while limiting refined sugar and processed foods in which are eaten within your personal calorie range is the only way for long term success. When it comes to shredding down for a competition day or a photo shoot creating a low carb diet cycle for 2-3 weeks will work for the last 5-10.

    If you have found another macro breakdown that has worked best for you-you can disregard this post, we know you are all very different. In the past, our most successful macro breakdown has been when people were following the 40 Carb 30 Protein 30 Fat macro ratio. You have a lot of options when you are eating like this and it is very sustainable for those that workout. There is enough carbs to feel alert and energized for your workouts and you have enough protein for recovery from your workouts. Plus it gives you plenty of room to eat a variety of foods for your enjoyment. Remember you will want to be in a deficit in your calories if you are trying to lose this week.  Also, remember to have an eye on your fiber, you want to aim for at least 25g a day. Add raspberries, blackberries or chia seeds to your diet, they are all high in fiber.


    Today is a good day to make a plan for the next week or so before your photo shoot.


    Here’s the plan

    1. Set up your diet for the week and keep it simple Break down the high carb days and the low carb days. Use www.myfitnesspal.com (use the app on your phone) for your calculations.
    2. Plan and assure that you are drinking at least 3 liters of water ( or more for those that need more)
    3. Plan your sleep ( do not miss this part ) everyone is different but don’t think that you are superman or superwoman by skipping sleep. You absolutely need sleep for success. It will help reduce cravings and help your body recover from stress and your workouts.
    4. Plan your workouts, not only the time and the routine you will perform but the intensity. Plan your carb meals around your workout. This will give you the energy to get them done will full force.
    5. Repeat


    Remember to keep it simple, check your priorities and focus on your goal. Now is not the time to try something new. Now is the time to do what works and to stay focused on your why.


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