Q- Can I workout at home?
A- Yes

Q- I am training for a fitness competition, will this help me get stage ready?
A- Yes, we teach you how to diet yourself so that you can learn how to peak yourself

Q- Do you have to be in fitness model shape?
A- No, anyone can sign up. No matter what your goals are or how far from your goals you are.

Q- I am a vegetarian can I do this?
A- Yes

Q- Is there long periods of cardio?
A- We do not believe in over training. You will learn a variety of training styles to help you learn what will work best for you.

Q- Does the entry fee include the travel cost?
A- No, you are entering to win the cost of the trip by entering your before and after pictures and following all the rules

Q- Do you have to live in the USA or Canada to do this proogram?
A- No, anyone anywhere can do this program. It is all online