• Diet Boredom

    It can be incredibly easy to become bored with your diet if you don’t understand the concept of the word diet and what it’s main objective is. This has become an increasingly problamictic topic for those trying to live the fitness lifestyle. Especially with so many social media influencers and body builders giving their strict diet advice. It’s not that that doesn’t work, but it’s more about sustainability and lifestyle. If you want to be shredded bad enough perhaps you will restrict your food, but let’s remembers that variety in your diet allows for vitamin uptake for a healthy body and mind for the long term.

    First let’s take a look at what you think “diet” is? Some may say a means to weight loss, some would say simply what you eat is called your diet. The problem lyes in the word that is interpreted as “restriction” or not allowed. This is often what people think of when they think of Diet. This is where the trouble starts to take place and where a number of problems start to arrive.

    Identify problems

    1. Diet boredom happens because people eat the same thing over and over again.
    2. Binge eating- This happens because people think that they can’t but when they get tired of holding off or they get tired or weak they give in and do it overboard. It’s a sort of “rules without reason lead to rebellion” type of behaviour. If you element the rules do you feel that you want to have it as bad, usually not.
    3. Not knowing what to eat- This can be caused by a lack of education on food nutrients or misguided diet coaching. Be careful where you get your information. I know this can be hard to discern, so you will also need to listen to your gut about what will be right for you. Your diet should make you feel more energized and content not too full or still hungry. It should be full of all natural nutrients.



    The solution comes in the way you think about and address the word diet. Your food intake; your diet is all the foods that you CHOOSE to eat. Your choices should reflect your current goals. Take away the rules,  eat what will be satisfying in regards to your tastes and your calorie goals. The foods you choose should not just serve your taste but also your goals. If one of your goals is to live more balanced, then having a treat once a week should be able to serve that goal well without you becoming unhealthy. Remember, you know yourself best and if you are still struggling with food or sugar addiction you may need to steer clear of these foods for a while. It would be unreasonable for a recovering alcoholic to put in harms way by hanging out in a bar while they work on strengthening their resistance, so don’t go into the isles of the grocery store or go through drive thru if you are still very tempted in this area.


    Creating healthy recipes that are delicious is easier than ever. It’s no joke how many ideas are out there these days. Millions upon millions of blogs, chefs, foodie enthusiasts have shared on the world wide web and you have free assess to all if that on a daily bases. If you are ever getting bored of your meal plan go out and search for whatever you crave in a healthier way. There are a ton of ways to save on calories, you simply have to look.  You will also have to be willing to stop self sabotaging. It is a choice and a decision you need to make daily until it becomes a routine to stop the madness. You do have control of your choices so tell yourself that often enough and it will become a reality in your life. Choose to make good choices and the rewards will come in way of you living your best life.


    You can find hundreds of apps to give you ideas, the list of ideas are endless.  We also have some in The Diet Makeover Cookbook which is included in the BMM VIP membership as well as recipes inside the members only section. But don’t let us stop you from seeking out even more amazing recipes and ideas. Sharing is caring.



    Some of our favourite Instagram Recipes accounts are as follows : @healthyminuetmeals @healthtstartss @mimismenu @simplefitrecipes @healthyfoodadvice @fithealthyrecipes @cleanfoodcrush_rachel

    Feel free to check these out. Most of them have full recipes in their captions which makes searching for ideas easy and Free.



    We would love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know how you define Diet or what you struggle with. It is likely that you are not alone. Let’s share our healthy recipes with this hashtag and help others learn the healthy lifestyle #BMM_Recipes



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