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    I wanted to stop in and let you know what will be happening this December and what you should expect starting January. 
    First I want to congratulate all those that did well in the Fit Soul Challenge. Remember, it’s not all about losing weight but finding balance and peace in all aspects of your life.
    December- We will be doing the Vote for the $4000 cash giveaway. That will be a $1000 per winner. We bumped up the cash prize for the winners from $500 each to $1000, we just wanted to really show our appreciation for all your hard work. From the sign up fees of new members between August 1st-November 30th we have another $2000 to donate to the Women’s Outreach. We want to thank all of you for your contributions, you are helping someone in need this Christmas. 
    December is a time for rest and revamping for BMM and getting ready for all things new in January. Choose an existing workout plan or make your own for this month. 
    Starting January
    Coming this January we will be launching the BMM’s first new ebook-  90 Happy Healthy Days. That will be our focus for the next 3 months. Followed by Your Best Body- Competitors Guide and then The Fit Soul. Each book touches on topics that work your way up and through the competitive fitness level to bring you into a fit and balanced life. Each book should be read by existing members and new members alike. Although the topics are similar to what has been taught within BMM’s past challenges, there is a ton of new content. Plus these books will be the staples of all things taught here on in within the Body Makeover Movement’s guidelines and principles. There are no longer 12 week transformation challenges as everyone will be working at their own pace but we will be having monthly challenges and giveaways and Events to take part in and a few competitions throughout the year. Working to get to your best body  and maintaining it will be the goal throughout 2016. Competition dates and events will be announced shortly so you will be able to plan ahead to attend the events and peak for competition submission dates.
    How to do the new BMM program:
    There will be 3 phases of BMM with the added option of custom made programs for those that need extra guidance to prepare for the competitions. The three phases will go as follows: 
    1. 90 Happy Healthy Days
    2. Your Best Body- Competitors guide
    3. Fit Soul
      -You can Choose a custom made program at anytime from our coaches corner. This is an option for competitors or those with special needs. It is not mandatory but provided for those that would like more a more personal touch.
    While you work through each phase of BMM you will be able to do the monthly challenges to earn prizes and points towards the years grand prize giveaways. Check competition, event and challenge details.
    The 90 Happy Healthy Days book was created with the beginner in mind. If you are already a member you can find this book in the downloads section in JANUARY. For the advanced BMM member you will find new workout programs in the workout downloads section at the bottom of the downloads section starting January.  
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    You can expect to see the rest of the books come out in the following months. As Full VIP members you will get everything new. Starting January these books will be sold separately as non member programs to people that do not want to win prizes and do not want to compete or take part in any of our VIP events. 
    As VIP members you will have a chance at winning prizes each month from our monthly challenges and be invited to our member only events that will be announced in January. There will be a ton of exciting things to work towards. You will never have to pay the initial sign up fee again and can work towards your goals at your own pace.
     Have a great Holiday season and good luck to those competing this month. 



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