• Dear Sugar Addict and bored dieter

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    I recently got this email and I wanted to share it because so many of you and including me can relate with this. 

    “I just wanted to reach out as I have fallen off the wagon since halloween 🙁 and I am really really struggling to get back on. I think that its the food that has me spiraling out of control. I feel tired and don’t feel like working out. 
    When I first started the program back in May I downloaded my fitness pal up and was using it and it was helping but to be honest it was taking a lot of time, and most of the time I was cooking/preparing my own meals and it took forever to add in all the ingredients. So I stopped, and it was going well..Until.. the end of October when I was getting bored of eating healthy, and eating the same foods, and to be honest I don’t necessarily love cooking and always felt restricted as to what I could eat.
    I feel very disappointed in myself at the moment for loosing control of the food and now not working out.”


    Here is how I responded with some added notes.

    Doesn’t this always just get us. The struggle is real. Ok, here’s what’s going on, you have become addicted to sugar again. It happens to so many people, including me. The problem with sugar for some people is that it is so addictive that we can’t just have one when we are working on a goal. It usually turns into a week or more while we struggle to kick the cravings. We think we will get our fill and just be done with it. The problem is we are never truly satisfied just like any other addict. WE ARE ADDICTS. Let’s keep it real here. So as an addict, these are the ways to quit.
    1. First you have to admit you have a problem
    2. Get the junk out of your house!!
    3. You have to prepare for when cravings hit because you know they will. 
    4. Make your backup plan- what will you do? Have tea, exercise, call a friend?
    5. Be conscious about your choices
    Do this constantly for two weeks and you will be free from cravings. Be aware that anytime you have something sweet again you are likely to relapse. So if you do, do it in a controlled environment like a birthday party cake. This is only for those that can handle having a piece and then going home and not secretly bingeing later. 
    As for your other food choices. Always start the morning off in the green, meaning eat foods that are low in sugar and that will keep you full for a while.
    Here’s a quick not all macro’d out meal plan. The key is keep things simple. No need to get fancy with cooking if you don’t want to.Make a plan only once a week to be creative instead of pressuring yourself to cook everyday. The more you play with foods the more things you will find you can eat that will work for you. This will help you keep it fresh and learn at a slower more reasonable pace.
    Breakfast options-
    eggs and toast or oatmeal
    Lunch- Keep it simple and pre-make those jar salads I always talk about. Then they are ready to go.
    Dinner- Meat and veggies.
    Hummus and cucumbers
    or any veggies or fruit.
    Stay occupied and don’t let yourself get bored. You will be feeling more energized in no time at all. 

    Added Notes-

    Diet boredom can happen to anyone that thinks they are on a diet. The whole point of having people learn their macros is show people how much variety they can really have. It’s a way to hopefully teach you that you can have treats from time to time and you can stay within what your body needs to maintain or lose weight as you wish. It’s a give and take. If you want to have pizza on one day, then you do that, but then you try and eat more balanced on the next day. It’s all about choosing healthy full of nutrient options more often. If you want to have a six pack then you need to eat things that will bring you to that point. It’s all what you want more of that will ultimately get you to your goal. What are you willing to sacrifice to get there. If it were easy everyone would be fit. Remember.. That’s the competition part. Do you have what it takes? I think you do. You just have to want it bad enough. You have to want it more than another chocolate bar or peice of pizza. You are in training to be excellent not average. 


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