2018/ 2019 Challenges and Competitions


SHIFT runs from September to May. Trip in June (TBA)

 1 Grand Prize Trip Give Away- 8 Chances to qualify.

Each month you will have the opportunity to submit your before and after pictures and an update on goals.




Within 5 days of registering you will be required to submit your “before” picture and a list of personal goals. You must submit this picture to qualify for any of the prizes. No underwear pictures, please. With a newspaper with the date that you started on it in your hand have someone take a clear before picture of you. Ladies can wear a bikini or sports bra and shorts and men please wear board shorts. No underwear.



You will keep these on file for yourself (as well as email a copy into lexifitnessandmedia@live.ca)  and use it to create your #BMM_progress pictures for submissions at the end of each month. 1 person will win the monthly best body or best transformation prize box and will qualify for the Grand Prize vote off at the end of April.

Each month one winner will be selected based on performance. The goal is to take steps each day in the right direction to achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit and keep a positive outlook no matter what life throws at you.

There will be 8 qualifying winners with a chance of a bonus round if many goals are being met. You will have a chance to compete each month, so if you don’t win the first time around, don’t worry, keep working towards your goals and keep submitting.


At the end of the monthly qualifying challenges, the winners will be able to submit a final best body professional picture. They will go head to head in a public vote for who will be the next BMM Champion and Grand Prize Trip Giveaway. This competition is open to both men and women and all ages.




SeptemberThe power of your thoughts. Thoughts lead to actions.

Step one…Fitness is a mindset. Stepping into your daily action-packed lifestyle. Small shifts in the right direction start in your mind.

Grand Prize Qualifier

Submit your before/after best body and goals- September 30th.

October-Educate yourself on natural foods and avoid the trickery of marketing and distraction. Strengthen natural truths to maximize your energy.

Grand Prize Qualifier

Submit your before/after best body and goals- October 30th.

NovemberThink less do more!

Stronger than your excuses. You are an unstoppable force in body and mind. Repetition and consistency have paid off. Keep it up, you now see the results of hard work, positive thoughts and focus. Watch out here you come!

Grand Prize Qualifier

Submit your before/after best body and goals- November 30th.

December-Becoming a leader—— Sharing your journey and giving back.

Those that joined the September start date will have some added benefits and a chance to be spokes, people and leaders, as we get ready to head into the new years resolution season.

Grand Prize Qualifier

Submit your before/after best body and goals- December 31st.


January– The power of positive reinforcement-

Getting back on track with diet. Learn how to diet yourslef by learning about food.

Smoothie challenge

Habits that will last a lifetime Shift will go into it’s round two and invite new members to join their first round. September-December members will be encouraged to take a leadership role and help newbies out. Affiliate opportunities for VIP members will commence in December. So, share your story and inspire as many people as you can. You could earn prizes and cash for getting people involved.

Grand Prize Qualifier-

Submit your before/after best body and goals- January 30th.

February– Love yourself and others with your body, mind, and actions. Be the change you want to see. Getting rid of negatives and replace with positives.

Grand Prize Qualifier

Submit your before/after best body and goals- Feb 28th.

March– Taking your fitness to the max. Using all the principles for best results.

Summer Slim Down Begins-Extra Qualifying spots available


Grand Prize Qualifier

Submit your before/after best body and goals- March 30th.


April– Your best body photoshoots. Last day to hand in your professional pictures is April 30th

Spring into Glamour with Emmet


May 1st-5th   All qualifier winners will be able to submit their best body picture. Winner will be selected by public vote.


Celebration Retreat 2019- Europe

June 1-7th European Yachting Trip



Participate in sharing your journey. Feel free to take part in our posting schedule and themes. Engage others in your positive healthy fitness lifestyle and motivate people to join along.

We love sharing the journey with you hashtag #bmm_fitfam #bmm_shift @bodymakeovermovement @clairemrae

Mondays–  Motivation Monday

Monday’s are a free-for-all. Share recipes, quotes, motivation, workouts, anything that will get you going for the week ahead. Hashtags to choose from:

#BMM_recipes #BMM_fitfam #BMM_SHIFT #BMM_motivation #BMM_quotes

Share your recipes, what you did over the weekend.  Share anything that motivates you or can motivate others

Tuesday- #BMM_TT or #Transformationtuesday

 Thoughtful Tuesdays- Think for yourself and share words of affirmation. Affirm your goals. We will also be sharing some of our favorite transformations. You might just get to see yourself up there one day;)

Wednesday- #BMM_workout

Workout Wednesday. Share a new workout or one from your program provided.

Thursday- #BMM_TBT

Throwback BMM pictures and achievements

If you are a long time member or you have had some achievements in the past feel free to share. This is a great time to share photoshoot pictures from past celebration retreats. It’s fun to remember the fun we have had and motivate the whole group about the upcoming trip.


Share with us your progress pictures and get people excited about your results. We also want to talk food every friday. Feel free to share your meals.

Social Media Break- Take the weekend and do you.

Weekends off – Train yourself to live in the moment.

Saturday- Live your life Saturday

Sunday– Rest your soul Sunday


Find BMM’s posting challenges below. Each month one winner will be selected from photo submissions and posting participation.

All you have to do is follow the instructions posted at the beginning of the month on the blog. You can also find the instructions on our Instagram page @bodymakeovermovement.  Get creative and start posting. We believe that when you share you influence people to live a healthy lifestyle and it’s a great way to get to know your fellow BMM Fit Fam.

Monthly qualifying winners will receive a BMM goodies box

Personally selected gifts and products from our Sponsors.





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