The Body Makeover Movement was created to give you motivation while you learn about your body and how you can get in shape the healthy all natural way. Fitness is a journey that is better enjoyed with others.


The program is set up so that you are not only given a diet and exercise plan but it is set up to teach you how you can too live  life to the fullest and learn about why your body works best on the all natural food plan. We are here to teach you, guide you and motivate you on all your fitness pursuits. Whether your goal is to lose some weight, tone up, compete, become a fitness model this course covers it all. The truth is fitness is more than looking good, it’s feeling good.

Our main goal is to see you succeed in your fitness goals. The prizes are there for motivation, but we hope the biggest prize you receive is the knowledge you learn and the friends that you make.


Check out our challenge dates and details to have your chance at being the next Body Makeover Movement Champion.


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