Bikini Model Search 2016

12 week Transformation Program and Challenge

Get in shape and celebrate

This is the Event BMM is known for. We love going on tropical vacations and shooting amazing images with Top Industry Photographers. We like to provide once in a life time opportunities for our members to get the chance to be seen in magazines and even on covers. We team up with great resorts, and great people to make your experience of the fitness competition second to non.

From June 1-Sept 1st BMM will be putting on the 12 week transformation program to help you get in shape for your chance to win the trip and photoshoot experience absolutely free. You can now register for only $150.00 for your 3 month guide and registration to qualify for the trip for free.


(This does not include BMM VIP membership access. If you are already a VIP member you do NOT need to pay this sign up fee unless you want to take the exclusive 12 week Bikini Model Program.)

Your Bikini Model Program includes:

  • 3 Phase Training guide

  • Diet Guide

  • Personal assistance on setting up your diet

  • Photoshoot prep guide

  • Your chance to win the trip for free

  • Special discounts from our sponsors

  • Your chance to win an exclusive photoshoot package

  • Your chance to be discovered as the next Bikini Model

  • Publication opportunities


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October 15-20th the celebration photoshoot out will take place atHard-Rock-Hote-Casino-Punta-Cana Beach   The Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana.

hard-rock-hotel-casino-punta-cana-Caribbean-Suite hard-rock-hotel-casino-punta-cana-oro-night-club

Member only discounted room and accommodation rates available. Info offered upon registration.


You could be the Next Bikini Model Champion


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Registration opens May 15th and starts June 1st


A view from our last photoshoot event!


At the end of the 12 weeks there will be a vote by the public on your 12 week transformation. The winner of the vote will win their trip to the celebration retreat for free including a glamours photoshoot and their chance to be discovered by one of our sponsors.

Bikini Model Champ April 2014

Mandy Lee Jarvis came out to Costa Rica and won a cover for shooting on location during the celebration retreat. We hope to open more opportunities like these.
Photo shot by Eva Simon.

Eva will be joining us again to shoot the Bikini Models.


Cover- mandy