• Best of BMM- Submission Rules

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    Best of BMM Competition Rules

    Here are the rules and how to make sure you get your pictures in on time and you shoot for success. Remember you can submit for both best body and best transformation. READ CAREFULLY


    Pictures due December 1st by 5pm MST. If you think you won’t be able to make the deadline submit early.

    Rules for Best Transformation.

    You need to submit your first BMM “Before” picture and your current (“After”) picture as a collage like the example given. Put your name it. The picture must include your face and you must either be in a bikini, swim shorts (men) or a fitness outfit. You may NOT submit pictures in your underwear.

    Sharon Moore

    You do not need to flex or put www.bodymakeovermovement.com on the picture. Just your name.

    Best Body Pictures

    You must submit a recent professional picture that represents your fitness achievements. This picture can be taken in a gym wearing your gym outfit, white backdrop like Oxygen magazine OR a swimwear picture taken from Punta Cana. You may NOT submit boudoir, or any sort of lingerie pictures. If the pictures do not have a fitness theme or deem inappropriate, they will be sent back and you will have one chance to replace it.




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    Has someone inspired you? Make sure you let us know so we can add them to the nominations list of most inspirational of 2016. 

    These are people that have gone out of there way to encourage others, give support and show us what it looks like to live a balanced life through their social media pages and in their community. They have been an active part of making BMM a good experience for everyone. They keep striving to be better both physically and mentally and spiritually. 

    Please send in your nominations right up until Dec 23rd. You can email lexifitnessandmedia@live.ca


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