• Before you get started on a new fitness plan


    Before jumping into a new fitness routine, there are some things you will want to do:

    Of course, you always hear that you should get doctors approval, but if you are a healthy person, this might not be the first thing you do. You do need to be aware that if you have not been training for a while that there are some risks.

    People that have been sedentary for a long time need to be extra cautious of injury. I see this all the time, where people that once were very active go straight into a new exercise plan all excited but don’t realize how out of shape they are and don’t ease into it. Make sure that you set some time to stretch at the beginning and end of your workout. Add an extra 10 to 20 minutes for this when you first get started.

    Make sure you set the appropriate time for your commute, shower, and full workout when heading to a gym. When you are starting a new plan you don’t want to be rushed. Allow yourself to enjoy your activity. If it feels like a chore and you are rushed you are less likely to want to make the time for it.

    Plan your activity hour when you have the most energy in the day. This will actually add to your energy rather than drain you.

    Plan to eat a good meal before and after your workout. Note your appetite levels and make sure to avoid refined sugar which can zap energy quickly.

    Plan on drinking more water. You will need to replenish water during and after your workouts. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Avoid energy drinks, soda, and juice which are high in sugar and will drain you after a short-lived insulin burst.

    Find an accountability partner. Finding people to enjoy a fitness routine with will create a social aspect to it and while building your fitness routine you will be building a positive friendship.

    Make it a priority on your daily list. I always make sure to cut out an activity hour daily. It doesn’t always have to be the gym but something active is a must even on your off days, an hour of stretching can even be a great alternative on days where you are feeling drained and sore.

    Be prepared to be sore. When you first get into a routine it is common to be sore for a while, but as you get in better shape this will subside. Grab some epsin salts and have a bath. Drink lots of water and rest and stretch when needed.

    Remember, the benefits of starting and sticking to a fitness routine will pay you back in energy, so make plans on how you will use it. Seeing the big picture will help you stick to it for the long run.

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