• Be Inspired- Three Amazing Transformations

    Kristen Geer- A Rising Super Star. Kristen not only lost 40lbs but she was the runner up for the win of the all expense paid trip. Her fans loved watching her transform and so did we. This country singer was a light and a motivation to many of the challengers during the 12 weeks she spent with us. She was always positive and encouraging to others while she was striving for her own personal best. She inspired onlookers along the way. Her shot with Picture Groove was done in Costa Rica at the Celebration retreat, we love this picture it really brings out her beautiful features. Caithleen helped do her hair and make up and they both had a blast. Everyone was excited to meet this beauty when she arrived in Costa Rica and I don’t think we have seen the last of her.


    Shannon Moore was one of the kindest ladies we got to meet. When she got to Costa Rica she told us that she had lost 40lbs. We did notice in her pictures but the final total was astonishing. She also told us that she had never travelled anywhere before. She was brave enough to travel all by herself to meet all the other Challengers and we are so glad she did. She is a beautiful woman and we don’t expect this to be the last time she wow’s us. She is a perfect model of what a lady should be, kind, caring, beautiful on the inside and the out.




    Cat Oshanek is one of the best stories I can tell you. She has been a long time friend of Claire Rae’s. They have worked on a few projects together including White Cedar’s “I’ve been bullied Campaign”. The purpose of the campaign is to bring awareness to all the types of bullying. You can check it out here https://www.facebook.com/BEENBULLIED.  Cat, also known as White Cedar photography has been publicly proud of her curves for many years as she used to suffer from anorexia in high school.  Having her do the challenge was a challenge in itself. She did not want people to think that she suddenly wanted to be one of  those “Bikini Models” because she believes people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, (so does The Bikini Model Challenge Team).  After some convincing she agreed to do it, just to try it out and mostly just to support her friend Claire Rae with the new venture. With no real expectations Cat put her all into the program, eating more meals during her busy days and sticking to the suggested workout plan. During the challenge we all watched with amazement the pounds start melting off. Cat lost 40lbs as well and has inspired many people during the process. She is proof that anyone can change and put their health first. Cat is still a curvy girl, thank goodness because we love those curves too but just a healthier version of her self. She gets to eat more food than ever before and has become a inspiration for many women.

    Cat is now one of our lead photographers for The Bikini Model Challenge Celebration retreat. Many women find it intimidating shooting for their first time. Cat makes you feel comfortable, it’s great knowing she has gone through the process and is a success story on top of it.




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