• Bailey Dirkson- Summer Slim Down Champ

    Photo by @Potra.photography


    Bailey is a mother of two young kids under the age of 5.  How she keeps up with her fitness goals is absolutely inspiring. We wanted to tell you a little bit about Bailey and how you can too, make goals and achieve them.

    Here’s a little interview we did with Bailey during her shoot.

    Can you tell us a little bit about why you joined BMM in the start and what made you want to make a fitness goal? After my son was born, I was exhausted, both mentally and physically. I went back to school full time when he was only 6 weeks old as  After completing school I was back at work full time. I was literally running on no sleep for the last year. I needed something to help with energy and my sore body. I messaged a friend saying how I was inspired by her and her fitness, and she suggested getting in contact with Claire, I downloaded the Claire Rae fit app, and that’s when I found The Body Makeover Movement. From then it’s history!

     How long have you been part of the BMM Fit Fam? This will be year #3

     What were your goals going in? My goal originally was to just have more energy, help ease the pain on my body, and get that six pack 😉

    What program did you start with and what was the most valuable thing you learned? Well, I jumped in head first with the bikini model challenge.  I figured if I’m going to do it go all out. It is easier for me to stick to something if I know I have to do it. I’m competitive with other people, so I figured this would be a great way to stay on track.

    Being a mother of two, How did you find the time to achieve your fitness goals? Honestly, I made the time. If you want something you will always make the time, just like any other thing in your life. My time was after my kids were in bed, sometimes it wasn’t till 9-10 o clock at night. I did it all at home, I had to modify excesses, and sometimes do more than expected, but  I looked forward to that time for myself, to release all of the days stress and clear my mind.  Sometimes I did 20 min circuits throughout the day if I knew I may not have the time. It will become a routine and you will really enjoy doing it and the feelings you get.

    You won a photoshoot with Potra Photography. Can you tell us what you loved most about that experience? Potra photography is absolutely amazing. She is everything and more! She has such a great bubbly personality that makes you so comfortable, and it shows in her art. The experience was unbelievable and my mind was blown with the quality of pictures she took. She showcased all my hard work and it brought tears to my eyes.  

    Tell us a little bit about what your daily routine entails. Have you made any adjustments to that lately? My day starts off early. Up at 5:30 to get ready for the day. I make breakfast, get lunches made and kids dressed, send my husband off to work, drive my son to school, and head out to the community groups with my daughter. Pretty basic mornings. Then you do school pick up and come home to do other things. Laundry, mop floors etc. Make dinner, bath, and bed obviously with some more battles in between as all moms know haha. Then it’s my time. I’ve added little things to my routine over the years that they become habitual. (Wall sits doing laundry or lunges walking into a new room)

    What are some of your future goals? Still trying to get my picture in a magazine 😉
    I would love to start a business in the near future.

    If you were going to tell someone about the BMM experience what would it be? I would tell them it was one of a kind and anyone that wants to get in shape and feel amazing about themselves and their goals to join.

    What is your favorite healthy meal? Hmm, that’s super hard. There are so many great meals but it would probably be bison meatballs.

    What is your favorite treat? Oh gosh, Swiss rolls would probably be my all time fav.









    Join Bailey on the next Challenge. 

    Next Challenge is the BMM’s Shift your lift Challenge. Someone is going to win an all-expense paid photoshoot trip to the Mediterranean

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