• April’s Member only Challenge Winner.



    April’s member only challenge #BMM_recipes is a staple in the process of living a healthy lifestyle. It take time, creativity and a sense of excitement to really change habits. Eating healthy food is the most important part of your fitness journey. It is directly linked to your success in both your outer appearance and your inside health. It take time, dedication and a will to learn to get good at these habits. Protein companies, grocery store brands, convince foods and more are making your life “easier” yet you may not be seeing the result you want. It’s because what may seem easy now, will in turn leave you empty. The discipline of the fitness lifestyle can be played out in so many areas of your life. Don’t make excuses, take the time to create healthy recipes, use natural foods and you WILL reap the benefits. Stop falling for quick fixes and take the time to read The Diet Makeover Cookbook, search out meal ideas, ask your grandma for a recipe that she loves; do what it takes and it will become just another part of your daily routine.


    I want to congratulate  @ibray_fitcouple ( Brittany  and Lance Raymond)  for getting creative during April’s Recipe challenge and sharing their healthy meal ideas.

    Thrive Market ships only to the U.S. currently, so they will be receiving a gift certificate from Natural Solutions, our Canadian health food store.

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