• An amazing end to an amazing year!

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    Best Transformation

    As we wrap up 2015 and look forward to 2016 it’s really amazing to see how great everyone has done. I have had the opportunity to talk to many of the members throughout that last couple of months and It’s amazing what a strong group of people we have. Many have not spoke of the challenges they have dealt with throughout this year to the group but I have personally heard many of the stories. They are not my stories to tell but I assure you that if you are going through a tough season you are not alone. Many of the members are facing obstacles that would discourage anyone but they are digging deep and pressing forward. Each new season brings a new opportunity for change and accomplishment. It’s important to always remember that growth is more than what meets the eye and that you ARE better than you were before, even if you can’t see it physically the way you want at this point. 


    This last competition was extremely hard for me as I have seen some of you come so far and have been members for a long time. I wished I could have chosen the most loyal and dedicated members for the best of the best because some of you deserve so much credit for what you do day in and day out. In saying that I also want you to know I know you all worked extremely hard for your results and I hope you know I am so proud to have you represent BMM. You ARE making a difference in your community and people around you are watching you as a leader. I also want you to know that BMM is nothing without you. You are BMM VIP.
    With all that said I want to congratulate everyone that has worked hard and I am excited to launch a new year and a new format for the coming year. The goal for BMM members is to simply be better than you were before. Become smarter, less stressed, happier, more fulfilled, more generous, more graceful and better looking in your own eyes. I want BMM members to walk in confidence wherever they go knowing that they are living their best life and doing the best they can with what they’ve been given. The BMM Fit Fam never settle for mediocre and always press forward to excellence. 


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    I wanted to thank everyone that joined between August and November. Your Registration fee helped us raise $2000 which we gave to the Women’s Outreach. Lance Raymond who won both best male body and best male transformation also donated $1000 of his winnings to the organization which allowed us to give $3000 to help families this Christmas. We sat down with Darcy to hear a little bit about what they do. 




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