About Us


The Body Makeover Movement is an online fitness program geared for those that want to learn everything there is to know about living a healthy and balanced life. The first program was created with the fitness competitor in mind but with the balance a good health being the ultimate goal. We find people to be motivated by deadlines and prizes. We love giving away prizes while encouraging our members to participate in challenges that will actually teach them how to healthily and train healthy for your individual goals. THe BMM Team created a unique competition experience that has all fitness levels in mind. We found that there are aspects of the Fitness and bodybuilding competition world that are not necessarily healthy, sustainable or worth the effort. We wanted to not only provide an all natural resource for those striving for fitness success but we want to provide real prizes and a full super model experience for the participants. We love bringing people together of all fitness levels to create an encouraging and supportive community. We hoped to inspire people to be excellent and find their inner beauty while working on their outer beauty.


Today BMM is a World Wide Fitness Organization that provides a full, all natural guide to competing through our unquie programs, challenges, ebooks, articles, videos and competitions The BMM experience is second to non and is growing in people, prizes and popularity. You can follow the group by following the #BMM_FitFam hashtag. Our events bring people together and provide once in a life time experience for those that attend. Our members have been seen on covers of magazines, become sponsored and are living the life of their dreams. All while growing in the knowledge of all natural health and wellness.
We are called the BMM Fit Fam. Everyone that joins us becomes part of the family. We as a whole, live a life of excellence, achievement and progress.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at The Body Makeover Movement is to educate individuals about healthy eating, training and mental focus practices that will teach people how to live a balanced life for long term success. We hope to graduate people from fitness enthusiasts to fitness lifestyle professionals. Not everyone is born to be a fitness leader but everyone should have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential in a healthy balanced way. Our programs are built to encourage self love, healthy habits and love for others. We hope that all BMM program graduates walk away from this program with the knowledge and confidence to go after all of their goals and not to put limits on themselves. Above all things, we want to help develop healthy minded people, thus creating healthy minded communities and nations.