Fit Soul Challenge



The Fit Soul Challenge is the last of BMM’s three phase fitness lifestyle courses. It covers what really matters in life and how to find your own fitness groove for the long term. We talk about staying balanced and moving through all the seasons of life with a healthy mind, body and spirit. We all start at different places with our fitness journey and life has a way of throwing curve balls at us from time to time. With the Fit Soul mentality you will be able to conquer those ups and downs that life throws your way with a strong mind and spirit.

The Fit Soul Challenge program guide, includes the 12 weeks training guide, thought provoking emails to direct your thinking and get you living a more fulfilling and balanced life.  The program also comes with The Fit Soul Ebook, my personal view on living a balanced life and how to keep going when the going gets tough.

The program is designed to make you think outside of the daily routine aspect of getting in shape but also how your choices effect your relationships and your community at large. Being fit is a responsibility we all have to create great families, communities and  nations. It starts with you. Join us and be the change.

This year we are going to do something a little different. Something that will help you think outside of yourself and your personal goals, don’t worry, you WILL hit your goals with this program but with that said let’s not forget the ultimate goal….to have a FIT SOUL. We at BMM want to be the change. We want our members to be strong, confident, and giving leaders that create a more positive and healthy world. So here is what we are going to do…

You will choose a charity to support from the list provided,  then you will shoot your best body professional picture and submit for voting.

On December 1st you will submit your professionally photographed fitness style picture in which will be used for voting and raising money purposes. with the purpose of marking your fitness goal success. The best part is by getting in shape you will be supporting those less fortunate than you. We want to use your influence to create awareness for your favourite charity.  During the voting process we will be prompting voters to donate to your charity of choice. Winner will be determined on the amount $ raised and will be crowned BMM’s Most Inspirational  2017. This winner will receive a personalized gift pack worth well over $2000.

Program registration for non-members is $250 USD. Launch date is Sept 1st. 

Program includes:

  • The Diet Makeover Cookbook
  • Fit Soul Ebook
  • 12 weeks inspirational and informative email series to refresh you on the key elements of a Fit Soul and a healthy lifestyle.
  • 12 weeks workout plan.
  • Sample diet plans to direct you how to eat for your lifestyle
  • BMM Fit Fam Community support
  • Exclusive photo shoot opportunity
  • Pod Cast Q&A’s.
  • Inspiring interviews


Register as a VIP member for $25 a month and get all the VIP perks and the Fit Soul program discounted members only discount.

VIP Members proceed to members login home page to find your discounted members only registration fee. To register as VIP hit the home page and join.

If there was ever a good reason to get in shape and share your journey, this would be it. Let’s get in shape and help others.


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