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Join our BMM Fit Fam and get in shape the all natural healthy way. We love teaching you how to get to your goals while offering fun motivating challenges with amazing prizes. With the help from our sponsors we have gone on tropical photoshoot trips and given away over $50,000 in cash and prizes. Let us help you reach your goals and give you a chance at being a

BMM Champion!

BMM’s 90 Happy Healthy Days is the first introductory program for the BMM lifestyle course. Whether you are new to the fitness lifestyle or just new to BMM you will want to join this program. It will set you up for success mentally and physically. Once you have passed this program you can then join our other intermediate and advanced programs leading to our Grand Prize competitions where you could WIN BIG. The most important thing to us is that you compete healthy and make lifestyle changes that will last. 

To participate in our monthly member challenges join our VIP membership. You will also open the door to BMM’s recipes, workout plans, membership discounts, exclusive event and competition invites.


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VIP BMM membership
$25 / month
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Claire Rae Fit


Try the workout portion/option of The Body Makeover Movement from the Claire Rae Fit app for only $1.99.


The Claire Rae Fit app also includes special offers in the messages on the app for discounts on sponsor and memberships. All the exercises and descriptions are on the app. Try it out before you commit to the membership. You may find some nutrition tips on the app but Body Makeover Movement members get full access to diet guides, instructional videos and answers to their questions on the members only forum.

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Note: Remember to consult your doctor prior to any training program and make sure you are able to train safely. Body Makeover Movement will not be responsible for any injury due to the use of these programs. These programs are for entertainment purposes only and make no claims to cure any disease.